Thanks for popping by to read my little blog.

If you are here to learn more about fiscal responsibility and Australia’s response to the Global Financial Crisis… RUN. This blog is NOT for you. I’m going to talk about motherhood,  friendships, relationships and I might even talk about vaginas. 

I am not qualified to be talking about any of these things, but who are you going to trust? The clinical psychologist or the sleep deprived new Mum who rocks a snorkel mask and loves dressing up!?


What you WILL find here is a collection of letters that i’m writing to my newborn daughter Rosie.

From emergency C-Sections to moody midwives, from explosive boobs to a baby that wouldn’t latch, from formula shaming to relentless amounts of love.. 

 Let’s go on this journey together!

I hope you have a laugh or maybe even connect to something I have experienced that makes you feel a little less alone. Because for us to survive this motherhood gig, we have to hold on tight to each other and celebrate the little wins, and laugh when things go horribly wrong. 


Its so nice to meet you,

Love Sarah