People We LOVE

Transition to motherhood

Alexandra Sacks MD

This is the definition of women supporting women. Alexandra Sacks is a reproductive psychiatrist from NYC who studies the transition we make into motherhood. She calls it ‘Matrescence’.

I genuinely cannot rave about this woman and her studies enough.

She is LIFE changing and has taught me self forgiveness, self love and allowing time to adjust to becoming a Mum is the most important thing I can do for Rosie. Follow her on instagram @alexandrasacksmd and love yourself .a little more today!

Helene the Illustrator

Want to fell warm and gooey in all the right places today? No, I cant send you a link to a naked Channing Tatum website, google that on your own time, but I CAN send you to Helene the Illustrator. She has an incredible talent for drawing exactly what i’m thinking…. @helenetheillustrator